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May 24, 2005



I understand completely. I also worked traditional hours full time and my husband did the stay-at-home duty (we've recently changed to me working afternoons/evenings so that I have more social time w/ my son and his activities). I worked an extra 1/2 hour each day of the week so that on Wednesdays, I could have 2 1/2 hours off at lunchtime for the hospital baby group. This was where I met many wonderful friends and had a host of happy afternoons. We later formed a moms group with six of us who had babies of similar age, and we now meet every Wednesday morning for two hours of play, chat, and always delicious baked goods. Hey, we're all nursing mothers, we can eat!

I think that working full time necessitates having social connections outside of work that relate specifically to your child. And my husband is the same way, totally lacking in social drive, never joins in with the other parents when he takes Kellan places. I'm always the one getting a call about events, even though my husband was actually present. Guess its just the way that they operate, its not as important to them.

Rayne of Terror

Yes I belong to a mom group my hubby and I secretly call the hysterical hippies w/ toxic children. It's a natural moms group and although where we came from I was the hippie mom, in this new town I am pretty plastic. Since I'm new to the area though and they invited me to join I go to most events, playgroups, moms night out... Otherwise I'd be totally isolated. So even though I don't do a lot of the things this group stands for I go for the camraderie with the few other not so natural (and btw more tolerant) mothers and babies.

My mom suggested I find a friend I can sip Pina Coladas with on the deck while the babies drool on each other, but until I do, hysterical hippies are the moms for me!

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