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May 05, 2005


Jesse Hake

There are other toothpaste brands that are kid-appealing and safe. But it is better to teach kids how to use toothpaste properly. Better yet, put those things along with soaps in a high bathroom cabinet.


I have my boys on a special diet, and are not allowing any kind of sweetner, or sugar, God forbid. One day I noticed that my son (6) was brushing his teeth...ALOT. I read the ingredients and noticed the sugar content. Needless to say, we also use Tom's from Maine. No added sugar.


I remember reading that there's a sweetner in the toothpaste. Also, DON'T LET THE KIDS RUN WITH THE TOOTHBRUSH. or any stick in the mouth, lollypops, toys etc. It can be very dangerous, G-d forbid.


I have the exact opposite problem - our toddler loves running around with his toothbrush (or my toothbrush, or dad's toothbrush), but will not go near his own toothpaste. Apparently, the grown-up toothpaste is far more exciting...


I highly recommend Tom's of Maine toothpaste. They have kid-flavors of "Silly Strawberry" and "Outrageous Orange-Mango." They're natural flavors as you describe, and I use them myself because I've never liked mint toothpastes either. But I don't *think* they're compelling enough to eat.

The Silly Strawberry also comes fluoride-free, which is safer for kids who can't stop eating it.


Kids and toothpaste unattended are a hazard! I am personally aware of a CERTAIN little boy who wrote his name in large letters using toothpaste on my bathroom wall. Of course when asked, he had no idea how it got there.

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