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June 29, 2005



I think the urge to love a blanket might be an inherited trait! My husband and I both have our childhood blankies and have a spot in the closet reserved for them. My daughter has not one but two blankets that have been with her every night for most of her 2 1/2 years. When she was tiny, we used both "Yellow" and "Other" (Her designations as soon as she could talk!) to swaddle her. She doesn't take them with her everywhere every day, but often she'll declare "It's Yellow's turn to go with me." OR "I need two special blankies today." There's a wonderful chldren's book called Franklin's Blanket that captures the spirit of a special blanket. Your son might enjoy receiving it as a remember-when gift!


Losing something like Polka-Dot is heartwrenching. I had "Pidow", which was a small feather pillow that had been my fathers and then mine as a child. I slept with Pidow every night of my life, no matter where I went. When I was sad, or lonely, Pidow was my companion. I, too, left Pidow in a hotel room - when I was 16! Unfortunately, the hotel staff never found Pidow. I couldn't sleep right for quite some time, and I still miss Pidow.


That was a great story! I too was a blanket carrier, when I was a kid. I wasn't to the point that my blankie had to go everywhere with us, but I did HAVE to sleep with it every single night. My brother's and sister's used to crack up at me because even as a teen, that blanket was still a part of my life. I still have my white, blue and pink blanket (at 33), it no longer goes to bed with me, but it does reside in my hall closet and will for as long as I live. I still somehow find comfort in it just "being there".


What ever happened to Polka-Dot? My son has Roger, a stuffed dog and the love of his life, who has been his constant companion since he was 4 months old. What differentiated Roger (now "Roh Roh") from the hordes of other stuffed toys in Kellan's collection, we will never know, but at 16 months old, he is a proper member of our family.

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