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June 27, 2005



While my husband and I don't get date night as frequently as I'd like (every other month or so), I think it's important to any marriage to reconnect with each other every once in a while - and have some fun, too! Our last date night was two weeks ago; I got a sitter for Ella and took Colin to dinner and to see Batman Begins for Father's Day weekend. We had a blast!


When my son was just over one, a friend and I agreed to sit for each other while the other got to go out on a date with the husband... At the start of the year we sat down with the calendar and picked a suitable date each month - for the whole year! Our little rule was that our babies had to be in bed, or well on the way, before either of us ventured off. We generally stuck to the dates; only a couple of times did we have to rearrange due to something else cropping up, but we generally pinned it as a priority. It was a lovely thing to look forward to, and it was good to help a freind enjoy that kind of opportunity too. Often, due to a lack of funds, my husband and I would eat with our baby as usual, then once my friend arrived we would drive off to a little town by the bay and walk out on the pier, and talk or just sit quietly. Petrol was our only expense, and we got a kick out of knowing we could have a good time and not spend a dime!!!

Jeremiah Lee

My wife and I were recently talking about initiating a date night, but with the recent birth of our son, it's looking like we'll have to wait a while.

We certainly like the idea, but with two breastfeeding, it'll be tough to pump enough to create a big enough time window.

Best of luck to everyone else though.


Date night? I don't even know how a real date night feels anymore. We've tried leaving our 2 year old with my sister but didn't really enjoy since the whole 2,5 hours that we were away, we were both wondering how our little son was doing and how he would have enjoyed being with us.

parents with a bad case of separation anxiety!


Huh? What? Date night?
Ok, seriously......the last "date" Rich and I had was in November on our 10th Anniversary. Ya,it's sad,isn't it?

On a happy note, my mom is taking her for 2 nights next week to go to Cape Cod with my sister for a little fun. Rich and I both work but we will have 2 nights together......well....that is if we can both stay awake! Wish me luck.
Good for you for making date night a priority. We try but obviously we haven't really succeeded yet! Thanks for the inspiration.

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