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June 26, 2005



It's insane! We have a townhouse in your neck of the woods (Alexandria, VA) that we are renting out while overseas. We were shocked at the appreciation for tax purposes, because frankly, it's piece of cr@p. We were happy to escape the insanity and have the chance to raise our son in a small German town where the homes have been in families for generations.

Good call on seeing the "real" value of your home.


I'm a DC area fed, too, and the housing market is beyond insane. When people making 70K a year are priced out of homeownership, something is terribly wrong. Like many others, I'm hanging on to my starter house but making improvements. I'm definitely happy doing more with less house, because I, too, have more to do with my money that pay down a 500K mortgage.


Good deal! Then we won't be competing on house offers. ;)

still trying to get over the shock of her Midwest $125,000 4 bed/2 bath home being half a million in DC/MD/VA area


what a wonderful entry.


It's an interesting decision, one that my husband and I are debating for ourselves in this crazy Bay Area market. But we love our tiny townhouse, the memories we create here, and for now we'll probably stay put as well.


There's a country song that's called something like.....love grows in small houses. I can't remember it now but it always made me cry because it's so true. You made the right choice. The kids are only young for a short time and if they like sharing a room that's even better. Enjoy your life without worrying about larger mortgage payments. That's what is important.

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