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June 15, 2005


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Our cultures should stand for some timeless things - excellent customer service or empowering employees - but should be willing and able to change the parts of the culture that are not core to the differentiators of the business.

Culture can be both an inhibitor to growth and an enabler to growth. Only when culture changes and grows as the business evolves does it really reinforce your business.

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Hi, I chanced upon your blog when I was googling for information regarding inter culture marriage and culture clash coz potentially I might end up somewhere there.

I have learned from my experience that it is often not your guy who made inter racial/ cultural romance difficult but their parents (usually the mom).

My BF mom was from China (communist and backward) and on more than one occasion forced me to kneel to her (which I didn't) and she also expected me to cook for my BF, wash his dirty clothes or do his uni assignments for him. Her other extreme was asking me (indirectly) to stop uni coz to her, she felt that girl/ women shouldn't study much since their place is in the home. She forgot that it's no choice not hers!

Things have now gotten to a point where I told my BF if I ever see her again, I'll kill her. My BF is still trying to make me patch up with her...but NO WAY!


Hi, Analee. I'm married to someone who has the same ethnic background as myself...but sometimes it feels like we grew up in two different cultures! His family and mine operate very differently and we have to remember that just because our parents came from the same country doesn't mean we won't have very significant differences and values. I agree when you say that you produce your own culture in marriage. I also think that having a child has helped us define the kind of family culture we want to have.

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