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June 24, 2005



OH MY GOD. You don't know how much this post got to me. I cried a LOT.

I'm in such a difficult situation myself...let me know if you ever want to chat!


I think we all feel like that from time to time. Whether we are single,married or divorced or any combination of the three, we all have those feelings. I nodded my head through your entire post.
As for the boyfriend, I think you will know in your heart when the right time will be. Your instincts sound like they are right on with everything else so keep going with your good common sense.
Good luck.


your piece is amazing! it really hit home.


well said!!
glad i am not alone


I would imagine the only 'right' time to introduce him to the children would be when it is right for you; when you feel confident enough to take on the challenges that will come with an announcement. And with three different personalities of varying ages, there will be issues of sorts and they will most likely be around for a good while, if not forever! If you've spent the kind of time you know you need to, in order to get to know & trust this man, and you are happy for him to be in and a part of your childrens' lives, then go for it! Be happy... You deserve it!


I gotta tell ya, that book is worth its weight in gold. Every time I start teetering, I yell "FIVE MINUTES' PEACE!" and they all know what I mean.


Just. Wow.



Good on you mindy for dealing with it, my partner is pregnant and she has always been looking for acceptance from her mother but can never get it, we only see her mom when she wants something and usually she nothing nice to say and I tell my partner she needs to stand up to her and say no once in a while and that may help things instaed of being her doormat

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I am going to print this off and post it. You made my day.

And I'm buying that book. That's the best idea for a children's book ever!

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