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June 09, 2005


Ernest Elliott

As the father of six and, currently, grandfather of eight, I read your post with a wry smile. Letting go is tough, but a must. Great job with your little one.

Sarah Aguirre

Christine, your story nearly stopped my heart. I'm so glad your smart little girl knew what to do. The same thing happened with our seven-year-old son at the State Fair last year. A crowd of people came by as my husband and our four children were walking to a show. My son became tangled up with the crowd but remembered to stand in the same spot and scream my name. Although he was only lost for a minute, the experience terrified me and made me proud all at the same time.

Eileen Flanagan

One of the things that surprised me most about becoming a parent was how I became a much more fearful, cautious person. In my twenties I hitchhiked around Africa and the Middle East and never feared for my safety (except for once in Lesoto). Now I'm the kind of mother who runs out and buys the fire safety ladder from Home Depot "just in case." How did this happen to me?

David Child

My only concern is the instruction to run as fast as possible across the street. Running carries some increased risk of stumbling, leaving a person in a more dangerous position than walking briskly. Or so I was told somewhere after the stone age.

Ron Southern

You had me tensed up, but it was a happy ending. Another smart little girl. She reminds me of my niece, who has now become 8 and is now smarter than me.

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