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June 21, 2005



Isn't it incredible what a friendship like that can mean to you? I am blessed to have TWO pretty much life long friends. I bonded with one because we were both always picked last in gym class in 7th grade (yikes - that's 20 years ago), and became friends with the other through her - in high school. My husband has been best friends with my first friend's husbands since they were 7 years old!!! We are as close as sisters - which is great since none of us has a "real" sister. We all moved, at different times, from our hometown to within 20 miles of each other. Hard to beleive but it wasn't planned. It's just where life took us and our spouses. Just another sign that we were meant to be part of each others'lives! Our children are growing up together and its incredible to see. I've shared marriage, birth, miscarriage, death of a parent, new jobs, hatred for bad jobs, parenting disasters and absolutely all of the joys of life with these women. They are my best friends and my sisters by choice. It was wonderful to read your post and know that there are others out there who cherish friends as much as I cherish mine. Thank you for a beautiful post. I hope your weekend was wonderful!


I don't have any friends that go back quite that far, but I do have a friend who I've been close with since I was 14. We have prom photos, photos from the high school musical, photos of me in her wedding and her in mine. We have photos of being pregnant at the same time (7 weeks apart) and, from last weekend in South Carolina, photos of our babies playing together. I hope we'll have photos of us together when we're 70!


First of all, the next time you are near Cape Cod, call me!!!!! I am not far from there at all and I would love to meet you!

I met my best friend,Liane,when we were in 7th grade.(If you insist on doing the math then that was 30 years ago!)*gasp*
Reading this post made me cry.
Although we don't have many pictures of us together,we have so many memories in our heart that just can't be explained to anyone else.

She encouraged me to try out for cheerleading in high school and she cheered for ME when I cheered at games. (She had back problems and couldn't try out) We read THE LITTLE PRINCE in Spanish class together and we found out together that the English version was at our library! We were stunned. It was so much easier to read and understand it in English....lol.
Her family had a cottage on Cape Cod and we went there by ourselves in High School to hang out on some weekends.It was fun to feel like a grown-up. We know each other's secrets and we know what to say to encourage one another.

Liane has lived out of the country for the past 5 years but just last week she spent the night here with her 5 1/2 year old twins. It was then I realized she is the only friend I have who knew me when my Dad, Nana and Papa were alive. The only one. She remembers my house being filled with love and laughter and it warmed my heart to know she knows me from childhood. That is just so cool!!!

I hope you had a great day with your very best friend!!

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