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June 28, 2005



Loved reading this! Pictured it vividly. My sister cops this everyday; she has three boys under six, and at least three neighbourhood children land on her doorstep after school. She works to keep the peace and make sure they're safe. She told me the other day that one of the mothers came over and said "I love how the children play together in the afternoon. I'm able to have a sleep most afternoons"!!!!! My sister laughed til she almost cried when she was telling me. She could merely respond to the mother with "I wouldn't mind a bit of that!" As yet it hasn't been recipricated!! And she's not holding her breath! I think your idea was fantastic, and you'll have a great laugh with your kids about it when they are older... Is this any consolation???!!!... Naomi


Yikes! That sounds like pure hell.


Oh man, Cooper, you make me feel so good about MY day, which has had its crises, but nothing compared to Armageddon! It might have been bad for you, but at least you gave me a good laugh.


I have soooo done this! You have this sudden burst of creativity and think, "wow, the kids will just love this!", and somehow, by the time you are done, you just can't believe how utterly stupid you must have been!! LOL I'm sorry such a fiasco ensued.

I found that doing suncatchers is a fun and easy one, without too much mess! LOL (But I'd usually take my post about 2 feet from them when they'd do these too!)

Have a good one!

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