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June 30, 2005



oh my goodness, this was hilarious. My daughter chooses to incite major insurrections when I get on the phone. She knows she has me in a compromising position becuase I cant resort to my usual threats and pleas in front of whoever is listening on the other end....


Oh, your post is so TRUE!!! I have only one daughter (almost 3) but she falls apart the minute the phone rings. Lately we've been working on using a whisper when Mommy or Daddy is on the phone. She usually remembers, and she's adorable while trying to whisper. However, when in her almost completly inaudible voice she says "Mommy, I peed on the floor" and I ignore her because I'm enjoying an interruption-free conversation, it becomes a problem!!! There was one tme when a telemarketer/ survey-taker actually said, "I can tell you're in the middle of something, while don't I let you go..." so that was cool! Thanks for your funny post! Here's wishing you many long, uninterrupted conversations!


One of my friends has instructed her daughters-ages 7 and 10-not to interrupt her when she is on the phone unless someone is bleeding or something is on fire.
There have been so many times when one of the girls interrupts us when we are on the phone and she simply asks,"Anyone bleeding? Anything on fire? You can wait!"
It cracks me up.....and it works too!!

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