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June 30, 2005



My daughter just returned from a year's foreign exchange in Thailand. She fell in love with the country. She would like to go back to nanny or work next summer after she graduates from high school, but just for the summer. She has some knowledge of the language and really wants to come back. If you know anyone who could use a nanny or other employee for the summer, please let us know.


It's actually a LOT easier to fly before they're walking and before they require much entertainment. The hum of the plane will put him right to sleep, and when he's awake he'll be in a good mood because he's so well-rested. Airplane bathrooms have changing tables (small ones, which he won't have outgrown yet).

What I'm trying to say: it gets MUCH harder before it gets easier. You're smart to be taking him now.


Hey Lana!
You've probably heard it all before, but the more relaxed you feel in the lead up to any event, then the better your baby will feel. Any kind of anxiety you have about taking the trip will shift to your little one. So, in the words of my profound (!!) husband - "Be cool!". You obviously need this trip back home, so relish every minute of it, from packing to landing in Canada, and then have the BEST time! A good tip that I was grateful for when I flew with my little guy was to have him suckle during take-off and landing, as this helps deal with the pressure that builds up in their ears. And carry some form of pain relief, as your baby is also at the teething stage, and this often interferes with ears too, so you want to be able to fend off a double whammy! I hope this advice will only prove helpful as it is not my intention to add to your concerns. Have a wonderful trip! God Bless! Naomi


Since he doesn't crawl yet, he should be fine. Just make sure you have all the food he could need in case of any unplanned layovers. I ended up feeding adult mashed potatoes to a six month old when we were stuck 24 hours in an airport. We live in the south of france with two girls, and go back to the midwest USA about once a year. It gets kind of hairy when the kids want to crawl and the "fasten your seatbelt" sign is on, which of course they could care less about.


My best friend has lived outside the country with her husband and TWINS for the past 5 years. She just flew from India to the U.S. with her 5 1/2 year old twins,without her husband and she did fine. She is used to doing it.They go everywhere. So,I guess my thought for you is,be glad you just have one child to travel with.
I'm sure it will be fine. Keep thinking how happy you will be to see your family.


You'll be surprised, but since he's not walking yet (or really very mobile at all I assume), it should be fine. My son always does fabulously on planes and it was especially easy when he was that age. We moved from Britain to the USA at that time (a much shorter trip I know!) and he didn't fuss once. He entertained the other passengers. He slept. And he generally enjoyed the experience. He's now 16 months old and we fly frequently from Illinois to California. Its a bit tricker now that he's walking, so enjoy it while you can. Nurse him lots to keep those ears clear and enjoy the long plane lulled naps.

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