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June 27, 2005



I feel like I am constantly trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, no matter what I am doing or where I am in life, and many of your words echo the thoughts in my head. Becoming a mom has made me feel more confident in my ability to do anything - and I really believe that we all can, and that everything works out in the end. Perhaps naive, but hey-this philosophy has worked so far, right? :)


I glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. We're getting ready to move to Cleveland from DC and I'm leaving behind people who knew me before I was a mom, when I was a graphic designer overwhelmingly involved with the DC design industry. In Cleveland I'll be "just" a mom, my professional life a bit of a memory or a funny story to trot out at playdates, and while I know I'm darn lucky to be able to stay home with Miss Pink, I'm already starting to wonder what in the heck I'm going to do with myself 24 hours a day. How old are they when they start pre-school?


It's kind of funny......Before Lillianna was born, I worked at my job with no real attachment to it because it was what I did for money and not what I really wanted to do. Now that she is almost 8 years old, I have been trying to focus on what I am really and truly passionate about (writing)and figuring out how to make that my career instead of just doing a job that doesn't make me feel anything other than bored and frustrated.
Being a mother has taught me that I really CAN do anything and that I am darn good at it too! I also want to be a great role model for Lillianna and to teach her that following a dream can make it a reality!
I guess you have to figure out what your dream is....now. Motherhood changes us all!

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