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June 15, 2005



I had my bout with gallbladder during the last month of my pregnancy--my little man was busy stretching himself so that he was choking my gallbladder something fierce. It was agony--like extreme sharp pain coupled with nausea--a delightful combo! Add to that that I was swollen like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, and it wasn't pretty. After my son's birth, I had one more attack and told my doctor that I wanted the ultrasound right then and there (since I hadn't eaten for so many hours, it was perfect timing). They took me to the floor in the hospital for ultrasounds...and left me in the hallway all by myself for over a half hour. Just sitting on my bag of ice...Anyway, the end of the story is my gallbladder problems were over, thankfully--at least for that chapter!


I had that problem too! Once after my first fille came along and then worse after the second. After a battery of questions about my alcohol problems (I developed pancreatitis as a result of my gallbladder problems.. and the 2 ways to get pancreatitis are through gallbladder disease or chronic alcoholism... )they finally removed my decrepit organ. Hang in there and don't do too much too soon (HA! like any Mom follows that rule!)


Oh my..after I had my first baby..I all of a sudden ran into gall bladder trouble...the pain was so bad I wanted to die...and I had heard it is kind of a common thing after a woman has a baby..go figure...so I had emergency surgery to have it removed...I was filling with posion so fast I would not of lived anohter 2 days..whew..dodged that one....have a speedy recovery...

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