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July 22, 2005



My 16-month-old daughter hits me sometimes, too. I tell her, "No" and have tried to teach her how to "touch nice". I know she loves me and doesn't understand that it hurts me emotionally (more than physically, usually). This parent gig is hard sometimes.


Oh yeah, I can relate. Except Beckett is a biter. I look like a battered woman.

At least now he kisses my boo boos to make them fell better. That's a start. But I'm way over this stage.


I can remember, before I had Isabelle, I used to watch my best frend Pam's daughter Alex be what I thought was downright evil. I can remember asking her, "How do you NOT want to retaliate or hold a grduge?" She laughed at me and said, "As if" and I remember being put off by that and telling myself, "I could never be all forgiving with my child..."

but here I am...3 years later..Isabelle is 2 and I AM all forgiving....but it IS hard....I totally understand....feel free to vent to me :)


Jack did this too...from about that age...until....gosh...it seems maybe weeks ago but i know it was more.
Many times i was able to handle it logically, like you said. But there were definitely days - after The Ass left that it "hit" me the wrong way. I mean...HELL! I am the one that DIDN'T go away he's hitting ME?!
But it all passes. Like you said - I felt it was very much a frustration thing, not being able to verbalize.
You're doing the right thing. All these phases are temporary.


We are going through this at the moment, Jessamyn. Kellan just turned 17 months old and has started hitting me when he is angry or frustrated. If I tell him "no" he can't have something, he'll swat me. When I try to give him a kiss if he's in an angry mood, I usually end up with a big slap in the face. I too know that its a phase, but sometimes it hurts, as you mentioned, both physically and emotionally. I'll be glad to see this phase pass!


Thanks, LauriJon! Since I wrote this, I've thought about it some more, and I think the bottom line may just be that Katie needs her space sometimes, and maybe I'm not always respecting that. The more I think about it, the more I realize that most of the time, she hits because I am trying to cuddle with her or give her a kiss. She actually doesn't hit very often when we are taking her away from something. I've tried the "bye bye soon" technique some in the past, but after you suggested it, I tried it again today a few times. It can't hurt, and at least one time it did seem to help, so thanks for reminding me! I do think we'll get through this just fine - what I was mostly trying to convey is the way it makes me feel when it happens.


Just found your through my Mother-In-Law's link to you....thought I'd check you out!!!


When Maricella went through this phase, the few times she hit me out of frustration, I told her I know she's frustrated, but hands aren't for hitting, hands are for hugging and blowing kisses.

Then I also realized I wasn't giving her enough of a transition warning. Before leaving the place we were playing, I began telling her, we have to leave in a few minutes, we have to go bye-bye in a few minutes. I'd repeate that so she'd get used to the idea that we were going to do something else next. So even if she wasn't happy about leaving she wouldn't hit.

Good luck!

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