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July 01, 2005



My son is 15 months old...he is the sweetest baby in the world. However, he cannot talk yet therefore, the demands are yelling and pointing...oh and of course stomping. I am not sure exactly how to handle this, especially because i am pregnant and my level of patience is not what it used to be...does anyone have any advice? Should I just give him what he wants?

amy s.

enjoy the "demands" of what TO DO. i am now, with my daughter at two and a half, getting demands of what NOT to do! "No Mommy, don't dance!" Toddlerdom is SO much a preview of their teenage years!


How sweet. What a great post.
Lillianna's command used to be "DANCE!!" I would stop what I was doing and either do a funny dance FOR her or pick her up and dance WITH her.
Luckily this never happened while driving.
As for "SING!" I treasured that while she still thought I could carry a tune. Uhm....now she kind of knows better than to demand that from me.


That is fantastic, Amy! I loved it. My son is 16 months old and has recently become very demanding. "I WANT THAT!" is his favourite expression and it applies to anything from Cheerios to mommy. Yes, he calls me "That". If you're not quick enough, it becomes a frantic "I ENT AT! I ENT AT! I ENT AT!!!". And heaven forbid you don't respond at that point, we are now treated to a proper throw yourself on the floor screaming tantrum (though I still find these hilarious rather than distressing). Ah, toddlerhood. I can't wait until he too says "I YOU" (or something similar). Thanks for giving me something to look forward to! Other than the day that he decides to call me "Mommy".

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