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July 10, 2005



what a great tradition!


My mother-in-law has all boys, and she has a recipe that has been passed down from daughter to daughter throughout the years. Last year she showed me the recipe and made me promise to keep it going with my own children. I love traditions like this!


Thanks! I actually have pictures of her making her first-time bread on my blog (click the link below on my name--it'll go to the entry on my blog with the pictures).


I WISH we had a family tradition like yours!... How absolutely precious, and valuable. Thank you for sharing your family tradition; I can just picture the beautiful expression your daughter must have had on her face as you explained, and she realised, the uniqueness of her position, and the special gift that comes with it. May you have many more generations of girls that have this same privilege... Naomi


Very cool story Suzanne! And hey, if you want to pass on the recipe, I sure wouldn't mind.

Robin P

I have no idea how that link disappeared but if you want to read that post it's called Sweet Traditions and it was from Sept 16, 2004

Robin P

I had tears pouring down my face while reading this. What a lovely post,Suzanne. Last September I wrote about teaching Lillianna to make taglach for Rosh Hashanah. You can read it if you would like.


On a bread note, my dad was the manager of a Jewish bakery so we had fresh bread,rolls and bagels every day until he died when I was 24 years old. I had no idea that people were eating bread that was baked YESTERDAY! That's what we fed the birds!
When Rich and I got married and I started buying bread, I began to keep bread for a week! It was shocking.

I think your tradition of being the Keeper of the Bread is beautiful. Your daughter will pass it down too. Let's hope they stay away from modern electronic gadgets. Some things are better when done the old fashioned way.

Do you guys churn your own butter too? That would be delicious!!!!!

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