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August 15, 2005



Damn, that must be a good place to eat (for you to risk inducing such a screaming fit!). Do they have carryout?


i once had to beat a VERY hasty retreat from the local grocery store with the little girl i nannied for.

the store was having some big promo, and had folks in animal costumes wandering around. she was fine 'till the barney look-alike came around the corner and then screamed like her hair was on fire.


my 5-year-old daughter used to be terrified of any type of mascot. one time, at a local kiddie event, the penguin mascot of an ice cream company came happily waddling over to say hi to my kids. max, my now 7-year-old son, hugged him, kissed him, high-fived him, and basically wold have gone home with the penguin if given the chance.

the minute the penguin showed up, though, i could feel zoe tense up in my arms. she didn't say anything, but her look said "i'm not taking my eye off that freaky bird." after finishing the love fest with max, the penguin approached zoe, who shouted "NO!" and smacked him in the head.

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