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August 10, 2005



Its definitely the age. I have a cold right now (in August?!) and Kellan rushes in every time I blow my nose, grabs some toilet paper, then crinkles up his nose blowing while randomly swiping the paper around his face. When people cough, he always mimics it, covering his mouth politely like he learned from his granny.

Like Joy, I had a funny experience this week when Kellan grabbed my watch from the dresser and started trying to put it on his opposite wrist. I didn't think he knew where watches go! And also this week he grabbed a baby stroller at a friend's house, then walked straight over to a doll, put her in the stroller, and headed off for a walk around the house. They observe *everything*!


Lila coughed and sneezed a lot around that age, always looking at us for a reaction. Now she's moved on to other behaviors to imitate, and let me tell you...it's making me look bad.


around 17 months jake was sitting at the table with me eating breakfast. i gave him a linen napkin - the kind that my husband and i use for dinner. without any prompting from me, he put the napkin on his lap, patted it down and proceeded to eat his banana. then he, oh so carefully, lifted the corner and wiped his mouth after he took a bite of his food. i did all i could not to laugh out loud. but i agree how amazing it is that he imitates us in ways we don't even realize.

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