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August 30, 2005



id bone you



Good for you for following through. I hope she learned something!

That Dude from Philly

Yo, I know I am going off topic, but I figured with your blog's scope you might want to participate in Blog Aid tomorrow, which is for Katrina Relief. (yo this isnt spam, Im just picking out random blogs on linkage to ask and the Dotmom thing seemed like a good place)

Robin P

Lillianna is almost 8 years old and she can also throw an award winning fit when the urge hits her. I have always been consistent with what I say and she knows that if I threaten it,it WILL happen. I have never backed down.
So even if she has a tantrum,I can usually get her out of it quickly because she knows a punishment will be in her future and she hates that.

Whether someone has one child or 10 children, I think consistency is the key.
Good for you for sticking by what you said and not backing down. So many parents don't want their child to make a scene in a store or they don't want their child to cry so they give in. You can bet that little scene will be repeated over and over again because the child learned an important lesson. If they scream a little louder,they can get what they want. No one wants that kind of child.


I am sooo glad you wrote this. I have a stubborn, independent, "hard headed" three and a half year old who pushes and pushes and pushes. And sometimes, there are moments, like you had in the disney store, where I just hold my breath and "swipe the card". Even though it would have been much easier to wait, to keep saying, "hurry up, i'm paying now...now...now...", the hard thing is to follow through and be consistent. Oh, this journey is hard sometimes. Being a good parent is hard sometimes. But, I read this and thought, "oh, my goodness, this sounds just like my life, I AM NOT ALONE!!" You gave me a little extra portion of strength today. thank you.

Yvonne Robinson

This too will pass! And you will make her a stronger person by understanding the consequences for her actions. Or you will go deaf. Both are equally as likely! :-)


I swear I could have been in the same mall, the same Disney store, the same day. I swear, you're living my life with the excpetion of the twins. My four year old MUST be a clone of yours.

I agree with the need for consistency when parenting. Too bad, my four year old daughter doesn't seem to care or listen either.

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