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August 20, 2005



My 11-year-old son still calls me Mommy in the privacy of our home or at family's houses, but Mom when addressing me in front of friends. For some reason he has it in his head that calling me Mom at home would be disrespectful. "It doesn't feel right," he says. Okay with me for now, but expect it to fade out with maturity. His father is still called Papa, too, which my husband started when our son was a baby. He's tried out Dad a couple of times, but says it too feels weird to him. BTW, I used my mother's name when she wouldn't answer, too. Sometimes I still have to do it when she's in public and "doesn't hear" me say MOM or MOTHER!

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I've called my parents "muv" (rhymes with love) and "farv" for almost as long as I can remember. It's different, and a bit old fashioned, but then what's in a name, eh?


My son is 18 months old and still calls me "That". He refuses to say momma, mommy, mom, or anything similar. He points to me and says "That" when he wants me. He's been calling his father "Daddy" for about 6 months!

If I ask him just to say "Mommy" he'll laugh and shout, "Daddy!", so he does know what it means. And he sometimes forgets and begins to form the "M" sound with his mouth, before bursting out laughing and shouting "Daddy!" again. If I show him a photo of myself, he says "Puppo" (puppy). Heartwarming stuff.


I just have to insert here that the proper Latin term for "mother" is "mater." Why? Because every once in awhile I need to prove that my BA in Latin wasn't completely pointless.

My kids are all under the age of 8, so I'm still "mommy" to all four. At least for a little while longer.

Critter's Mom

Critter mostly calls me mommy but occassionally calls me Alex (prounced a Lex, not Al ex) if both he and my mom are trying to get my attention.

Speaking of trying to get someone's attention in a crowd - if we are trying to get my dad's attention he doesn't respond to Gary but as soon as we yell "Dad" he immediately hears that. Odd, huh? LOL.


My mother announced when I was about 8 and tried to call her "Mom" for the first time, that She Was Not A Mom. We were "allowed" to call her Mama or Mother (she prefered Mama) and to this day that's what I call her. Kind of odd for a grown woman with a daughter of her own to be calling her mother "Mama", hmm? When my daugher wants be to be Mom instead of Mommy or Mama, I'm sure that will be a little bittersweet, but I'll embrace it as a sign of her growing up.


When Tacy was almost two, she went through a phase of calling me Mommy Julie, which cracked me up. As if she had more than one mommy and needed to specify which one she was addressing.

Robin P

Lillianna calls me Mum or sometimes Mummy.She is 7 and I hope she continues to call me these cute names forever.
Mother is too formal although I also get the long dragged out form of Mother,just like you do,except I get an eye roll if she is really displeased with me.

I have been calling my mother Mummy for 42 years. She hates it. My sister has always called her Ma,which she prefers. I think it sounds like a sheep!! Maaaaaaa. I refuse to change now so she has to just accept it!!


My boys (5&3) still call me mama but I'm sure that will fade with the years. I'll miss it!


my kids (7 and 5) usually stick to mom or mommy.....

but my favorite is when my son calls me mama. it's so sweet, and is usually when he's feeling especially cuddly

my 5-year-old daughter had already mastered the art of the drawn out mooooommmmmyyyy accompanied by rolling eyes. not as fond of that!

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