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August 19, 2005



My friends (and fellow school parents) are five to ten years older than me, and their kids are on average five years younger than mine. I’m often “ignored” because I’m younger (and tattooed- teehee).


Great post, Donna! I gave birth to my fourth and youngest child at 37, and don't know how I'll feel when she starts kindergarten in another year, when I will be 42.

The idea of her starting kindergarten soon totally knocks my socks off, as it is.

Middle-aged is just a state of mind...and that's what I'm sticking with, anyway.


Yet men have babies at much later ages and nobody thinks anything of it. My husband was 46 when Kellan was born, but he's never mentioned it as a factor in socialising with the other dads. Among the men in our playgroup, fatherhood seems to erase all thoughts of age, race, politics, religion, etc. They join together in a mutual society of "Can you believe we're dads?". Perhaps we ladies need to take a lesson from the guys (just this once!).


((Hugs)) Donna! You certainly don't look like you're going to be 50! Having met you in real life, you may not get tattoos or multiple body piercings, but you are still much hipper and much cooler than you have let on here! :) But I can understand -- I live in a college town and see students whom I could have given birth to. It's weird!


I have the opposite generation gap problem: I'm the young mom while all the other moms of high schoolers are 15-20 years older. So, for me, I stand out on the other end :) And agree -- in the end, all that matters is the love for our kids, not our age!


Middle-aged moms are all the rage now! (At least they are in the major metros like NYC and LA.) I had My daughter Maricella at 42 and she's nearly 2 years old now. I've done the math too, when she's 10, I'll be 52. In playgroups now I'm usually one of the oldest moms, and I know that will also be true once she starts school. And I feel that that will be one of mine and her advantages, as with age comes wisdom and grace and hopefully a bigger sense of humor. My biggest challenge now is just meeting more moms in the sfv with toddlers Maricella's age.


I hear you . . . my last daughter was born when I was 38. I don't get tattoos, either, and I'm always the oldest mom, or almost!

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