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August 29, 2005


Robin P

Kids seem to find the fun in things that would normally drive a parent insane. Recently I had to take Lillianna to work with me for 8 hours on 3 different days. We were taking care of my sister's office while she was away.
Lillianna managed to enjoy the office work and the time we spent together. What would normally have been 3 boring days if I had gone without her,turned into 3 days of bonding with my daughter.
You're lucky to have been able to take a 4 hour wait and turn it into a fun day. That's such a gift.


It's so good to have a glass that is half-full!
Emergency room bill for first cast: "are you kidding me?"
Medical bills from all who even glanced at your daughter: "what the...?"
Four hours of uninterrupted time with one child: priceless.


I loved this post. My husband is fond of saying, "An adventure is an accident perceived properly." Sounds like you made the most of your adventure!

Jason Berggren

I had a trip to the ER during Hurricane Katrina down here in South Florida. My 15 month old fell down while stickinf his tongue out. He split it so out I went in the storm. The ER and staff were amazing and we were out in no time (thanks Memorial West in Pembroke Pines!). He is fine and healing well. A little winny but that's understandable. I'm just thank God he wasn't seriously hurt.

Jeremiah Lee

Yeah, that's a great way to think of it. Brightside thinking!


and when there are three kids, it is so rare to be able to simply focus on the needs of one child for a while. It would have been a welcome respite for you and some much enjoyed one-on-one time with a little girl.


How nice that you spent some quality time together. Four hours does seem a little, um, much. Good for you for looking at the bright side.

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