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August 26, 2005



I have two sisters and a brother. Growing up we fought like mad- my mom tried reverse psychology on me and my one sister (we’re fourteen months apart) and when we were toddlers she gave us each a wooden spoon and told us to go ahead and fight and get it over with. To her astonishment we laid into each other with the spoons and she had to take them away- so much for the shrink’s approach. We all fought like cat an dog when we lived at home, but we stuck up for each other all the time- we didn’t even rat each other out at home- we’d rather all get a hiding than be a tattle tale! We’re very good friends as well as just siblings now- we see each other at least a couple of times a month and we email and phone regularly. We’re all very close.


My sister recently bought a portable DVD player for the car -her three boys (1, 3, & 6 years)don't like to travel any distance. It got me thinking about the long distance trips we used to take when my sister and I were children, and the games we would play, the conversations that took place and the songs we loved to sing (John Denver's "Grandma's Feather Bed was a huge favourite). They are great memories, something I'd like to emulate with my children.
My Siss asked me if I'd like to borrow the DVD player recently when I was going on a little trip with my child and her two eldest children. Apart from not wanting to be responsible for an expensive piece of equipment (!!!), I wanted very much to have the children enjoy each others company with "I spy" games, storytelling and songs. We managed to do just that and the boys were relaxed and happy at our destination. It's the start of a new era of cherished memories for me...

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