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August 01, 2005



Amy -

My ex did all the cooking too. I could do Mac-n-cheese, fishsticks, ravioli, soup - things in a can or that were easily microwavable.

I am remarried now, but was divorced for 2 1/2 years and had to learn how to keep 3 children fed and healthy. Market Day became my best friend. I could buy pre-cooked and frozen chicken, vegetables, pastas, side dishes...granted these weren't homemade, but they worked when I needed them.

Our favorite dish came from an experiment. I had NOTHING in the fridge or the pantry save for some pasta and some frozen chicken chunks. I grabbed some olive oil and browned the already cooked chicken, found a clove of garlic and smashed that to bits before adding it to the chicken, and poured all of that into a bowl of spaghetti. Of course, then I added a TON of butter which ruined any health benefits that may have existed, but my kids LOVED it! My youngest is a very particular eater and had seconds! We love this!

Now that I'm remarried, my husband likes to embellish with vegetables, typically broccoli whenever I let him cook, but it's still just as yummo (and I can pick out the broccoli)!

Divorce cooking - aka - Cooking by The Seat of Your Pants (and Your Pocketbook) is the mother of invention.


i am also a sucky chef (or as my daughter would say, "cooker")

one of the things on my top ten list of characteristics in a spouse was "good cooker"

luckily, i found one

of course, this means i have had absolutely no incentive to improve my cooking skills. my forays into the kitchen usually involve an injury of some sort (and hearty laughter from both children and husband)

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