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August 19, 2005



Yes people cna get addicted to things if they use for onegr extent so i keep chaing them by time and period


This is so timely for me. I'm tossing up whether or not to buy my almost-1-year-old a baby hammock that he might outgrow in less than a year.

BTW - I love the cartoon! :-)


I definitely hear you with the peeing thing. But at this point (10 months), Ella LOATHES anything that restricts her at all (swing, bouncer, Exersaucer, etc.) I've resorted to putting her down on the bathroom floor to crawl around while I pee. I hope she doesn't remember this when she's 30.


I would not have survived without the Baby Bjorn. We moved when my older daughter was 5 weeks old. I packed and stacked boxes all day, everyday, with her in the Bjorn.

And I can confirm that you can go pee with a baby in the Bjorn. It's not easy, but it's possible.


99% of "baby" products are really for the parents (moms, actually) anyway.

my personal favorites were the battery powered swing and the exersaucer....

Ron Southern

Ha! You ought to buy stock in that Johnny Jump Up and rename it "Let Momma Go Pee"! Sales would soar.

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