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August 31, 2005


Monster Mama

With the first one...I was just gabbing with my mom on the phone and she said something that made me laugh and I just said..."OH! That is too funny grandma!" She about died! With the second one.....it was March and I just asked her what she'd be doing in November-we live far from eachother-she just blurted out-YOUR PREGNANT!
When I told my husband about #1 I was so freaked I blurted out when we were driving down the highway....I don't suggest doing this! We almost crashed! With the 2nd one I told him on our anniversary and wrote in the card "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue-we survived #1 can we survive #2?"-pretty silly!


It was honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I was sixteen- I had known for four days, and been pretty sure for about three weeks. My dad didn’t even look at me; he just sat on the bed with his head in his hands and didn’t say a word. My mom marched up and down in front of me and my baby-daddy, alternately crying and shouting and threatening and promising and demanding and laying down the law and questioning. I never said a word. I just stood there. If there was one thing in my life I would reverse- its hurting my folks like I did that day. They got over it admirably quickly and now, fifteen years later we are one big happy family, unfortunately (or sometimes fortunately) minus the baby-daddy and his family. What would I do without my parents? For many years I looked forward to being able to one day surprise them with good news of a baby coming, but I have never married and at thirty two I have decided that I will not be having children anymore. My sisters and brother can do (and have done) that now.


How funny -- we gave my mom yarn, too. Though she hadn't ever knitted before. It was her birthday. What was really fun was that it was at a little playground and everyone knew what it was, based on her screams and our hugging.


I gave my mom the pregnancy test - she had been begging for a grand child for two or three years - mind you I wasn't married yet - and she thought it was a joke - it took a few minutes to convince her one of my pregnant friends hadn't pee'd on a stick to trick her and she really was gonna be a grand mother.
My dad I told at home - we were talking football and I was like - by the way... he was very excited..


For our first child, we fedexed "Baby Countdown Calendars" to everyone. These were little digital clocks that ticked backwards to the due date, much the millenium calendars. Everyone was quite excited and the phone calls we received were quite fun.

For our second, we dressed my daughter in a tshirt that said "I am going to be a big sister". We were traveling by plane, and were the last to arrive for the holiday, so we unveiled her from her coat once we all arrived at my sister's house.


We've always wished we had video taped the funny scenerio that was played when we told my inlaws by showing them the ultrasound video. My FIL (a medical sales rep) was convinced it was a video of a heart operaton (mine, beause my name was on the upper corner of the tape)and insisted it was through the whole 5 minute tape. Finally DH tried to lead him by telling him that there was heart in the video by pointing out the baby's heart beating and by also telling him that I had "two hearts inside of me" a the time. This confused him even more and he asked - "what? Are you telling me that Helene has two hearts? That medicaly impossible.."

Finally after subsiding in our laughter I said "Yes, One's mine and the other is..... [still the clueless look on both their faces] ...you're grandchild!"

Needless to say they were shocked. After 7 years of marriage my MIL admitted "we gave up on you two years ago" :)


For my second child, I gave my husband a "Congratulations!" card. Inside it said:

...your swimmers have hit the bullseye!

For the first child, I was just so damn excited after many years of trying that I blurted it out to everyone.

Jeremiah Lee

The bun in the oven is -great-. Maybe next time we get pregnant we'll use that.

We told my parents with a present as well, it was a onesie...but she didn't seem to get it. Then, once she did, she was kinda, "Eh" about it, so that wasn't much fun.


I love the bun in the oven story! Too funny.

I gave my husband a Father's Day card and wrote the due date inside. He kept saying, "Are you sure? Are you sure?" I had to show him the pregnancy test before he could really believe it.


Ah, we actually did the same thing with the yarn and knitting pattern for my in-laws, and gave my own parents a sewing pattern (as my mom made all of my baby clothes back in the '70's). I love the bun in the oven incident!


I gave my sister in law a birthday card signed "Kris, Brian, Ben and ?" She loved it.

Sue Donym

I called my mom on her birthday and teased her about getting old, and then asked her if she thought she was old enough to be a grandma. It took her a bit to get it!

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