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August 14, 2005



That tanned mother at the grocery store was lying through her capped teeth. She's been hitting the tanning bed and visiting the aesthetician for botox treatments.

The summer has flown by. I've done a lot of vacuuming (God bless James Dyson) and wiping up baby puke. You're not alone.


How to have a relaxing vacation? Visit family who are willing to entertain the kids. Or hire a babysitter to come along.

We've had a good summer, a reasonable mix of weeks with camp activities, travel, and hanging out around the house. But this weekend, my husband and I still looked at each other and admitted that we were looking forward to preschool starting. It's been brutally hot, which makes everything harder.

Critter's Mom

I'm going to have to go with Robin on this one. Summer relaxing? LOL, maybe for the kids.

Looking at my summer you'd think it was idilic. I had two vacations and I'm more stressed this summer than ever. Try going camping with a 7 year old child not once, but twice! LOL. I seem to be constantly doing something if I'm not camping. I'm losing my mind. Yes, I have a great tan and my son has great memories but I'm on the edge. So much for summer fun.

Robin P

Gosh,Cooper,I don't know what your problem is.
I get 10 hours of sleep every night. I have a manicure and pedicure once a week.I stopped working so that I could enjoy the summer vacation. I lounge at the pool with Lillianna every day for hours and I have a glorious tan. I stopped cooking all summer so we have gourmet take-out every night. It's so easy. You should be able to do it with no problem at all.

I can't even type this with a straight face!!! Forgive me. I was going to try to lie but I can't do it.

I am still working 37 hours a week. Lillianna and I do get to the pool 2-3 times a week but I am covered from head to toe in sunscreen and I wear a goofy hat so that my head doesn't burn to a crisp.(Been there.Done that....twice!!)I am pale as a ghost. No lovely tan for me.
Relaxed? Relaxed? Hold on while I look that up in the dictionary. I think I have heard that word somewhere............OH! Nope. No relaxation here. Stress. Lots and lots of it.
*sigh* As for a vacation.....we are taking our first vacation in 11 years in November!!!!! If I can just hold on until then.....UGH.
You're not alone,Cooper. You're not alone!

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