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August 24, 2005



Hi Suzanne, I've been reading your posts and love your stories. Enjoy your 9-year-old while you can...perhaps you'd like to nominate her for New Moon magazine's special "25 Beautiful Girls" issue? It's all about inner beauty and encourages girls to be themselves. You can find all the info on the New Moon website. Hope you had a great summer. :)


My baby starts high school next year. I can hardly believe it. apart from feeling oh so old… I will also be trying very hard not to embarrass him…

Robin P

This post totally bummed me out!
I thought I survived the worst....private pre-school and then kindergarten. Now you're telling me the worst is ahead of me???? I think I will buy some extra tissues tomorrow when I go school supply shopping with Lillianna. *sniff*
I would definitely ask the high school teacher to get your son to make a drawing for you. It may put him in years of therapy but....what are parents for??


I guess I should tell you by the time you send the 3rd one to high school it will be easier???


I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR! My oldest started high school yesterday and I'm feeling a bit of a confused, emotional mommy. I know he's growing up...too fast. I want him to be little again.

Like you, I rejoiced when all three of my children were finally all in school at the same time. I looked at the other moms crying and sniffling as their babies all went off to school and thought to myself, "Been there, done that, got over it." But I've been feeling exactly the same as you this week. I'm not ready for him to grow up. Even as my oldest, he's still my baby.

Thomas McCroskey

My wife had me take our girls in to their first day(s) of school, because she knew how tough it would be for her. And in a very touching way, I'm glad I did it because it was me who got to deal with that moment. Like you, I did think about the "one down, one to go" idea. But I also enjoyed dealing with that moment. I got to be the one whose heart ached. I got to be the one who pressed his face up to the door for one last look, and who self-consciously walked back to my car and went on to work. Oh, what a sweet pain!


Awwww...such a nice story. It's tough watching them grow up, isn't it?

Future Daddy

Ladies, I'm rely on you to teach me a lot and so that I inform the guys what it takes to be a better dad!

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