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August 22, 2005



You sweet woman...I have felt your pain. My husband and I have flown to Turkey on 4 different occasions with our children. Our daughter went when she was 4 months, 2yr and 3yrs old. Be encouraged that taking her got progressively easier and less crazy. The last time we went after a full 40 hours of traveling back to Denver we got off the plane at DIA and she asked me, "Are we getting on another plane?" When I told her no she started crying! Hopefully your child will learn to love travel as much as our kiddo has. Blessings

Antique Mommy

I just made a trip from Dallas to the midwest with my little guy and complained about that! On the return trip, on a jam packed plane, we sat on the tarmac for an hour with no A/C (90 degress outside - isn't that illegal to do to animals?)at both ends, thus making an hour and 45 min flight a nearly five hour odyssey after we did not get our bags. My 21 month old toddler was the only agreeable person on the plane. But then again he was allowed to strip down to his undies while the rest of us only would have liked to do that! Now that I recall some of my fellow passengers, I may have to go bleach my eyeballs.

We have friends teaching in Hong Kong, a Thai/American couple, and they make the trip routinely for their 7-month-old. They said at some point they lost track of who on the plane was holding their baby (!). God bless them and you and those who have the fortitude to do so.

Ms. Mama

eeek, and I'm worried about our trip from A'dam to SF to visit my family in two weeks with our 3 month old... But as you said it is a nessesity with a bi-cultural baby. I just can't believe you did it alone. I told my husband he HAS to come as I can't do the airport and flying thing alone with a baby...

Jeremiah Lee

Oh my. Congratulations to you for still having enough life left in you to write this. Geez, that would kill most people. It's tough enough to go the grocery store with babies, let alone across the globe.

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