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August 07, 2005



I don't know what I'd do without my siblings. They're my best friends.


What spare time?!? good grief- seven children! And I thought I had my hands full with one… I mean, I know people with more kids are busier than me and I thank my lucky stars that I only have one- but seven! Its mind boggling that you still know who you are and find time to do stuff other than “mommying”!

Robin P

I was almost 12years old when my sister Kara was born so Mom told me I was in charge of her baby book. Every time she did something,anything,I recorded it. There are exact details of when she lost her first tooth,with the day,date and time! Nothing was left out.
When Lillianna was born,of course I kept a book for her but I have to say my sister's book is filled with more detail than the book of my one and only daughter. I am not sure why that is!!
Even though Lillianna is our only child,I still have tons of pictures just waiting to be scrapbooked,so don't feel guilty!!


Wonderful stories Chris! Your children are so lucky to have you as their mom, and so lucky to be part of such a great family to share their memories.


My first reaction was "Beautiful!" but it looks like that comment has already been taken by Elizabeth. I'll just add that as the baby of my family, I related to your post and loved your hope for your children. Thanks for sharing!


I've told you before that I was born an only child and I think you have said you are too.

But it really is the most important gift that we feel we can give to our kids, other than our love, isn't it? I always said there was no way in hell I would make my child be an only child.

You almost make me wish for more than the three I have. Almost.


Beautifully written!
So true ~ the greatest gift my parents gave me were my best friends - my five siblings!

Ron Southern

Normally such a large brood would give me the creeps, but you sound like you're running things pretty sensibly. I'm just an old bachelor, so I don't really know, but it's my American priviledge to have a few silly opinions!


Oh Chris, you make me wistful about being an only child, and a bit guilty for considering making my son an only child. I'll just have to keep reminding myself that I have a life full of love, and that research shows only's are just as socially adept as those with siblings :)

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