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August 20, 2005


Old Horsetail Snakeo

40-something Betsy is also a fine writer. Who is plenty smart not to want do-overs...


I love playing with other people's kids... but, like you, it doesn't make me want to go back to that, or have another baby. We're just now getting to the 4-year-old stubbornness era with Elizabeth, and if it's actually worse than the 3-year-old stubbornness, I think I'm in trouble. But I'm looking forward to it, nonetheless.


I am savoring the baby days right now (my younger daughter is 7 months old), but I certainly don't wish my older daughter (who is 3.5 years old) was a baby again. I love each new stage more than the last one, regardless of the challenges that each one presents.

Am I the only one who doesn't want to sniff other people's kids, but can't get enough of the scent of her own kids?


I'm just reaching that moment of blessed freedom where we've just put the crib and high chair into the attic. And it's so tempting to just stop here with two kids. But I think we'll probably have a third when the youngest is toilet trained.


I often say I enjoy parenting older children more than I did parenting babies and toddlers. Some don't get that, and it doesn't mean I hated parenting when they were little. I just enjoy THIS time more :)

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