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August 21, 2005



Glad to know the in depth from this blog. This will help for my forward steps to be taken.


Mommy blog writen by old smart woman.

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Thank you so much Tim. I really do appreciate your feedback. I'm still struggling with the technology but I wish everyone all luck with this competition. I've been pinned down with a sick grandchild and today a very sick daughter - both with gastric flu which afflicts us all at this time of year - so this is the first moment I've had to get to the computer.

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Just working through some notes on ethics and social networks and I thought I'd share the following paragraph that I've been working on - because it seems counter-intuitive at first.

There is a growing consensus that comments posted in social networks are not ‘in the public domain’ and that researchers should seek permission to use them. Researchers should also remember that because the internet is so readily searchable, they should avoid using literal quotes from social network discussions (in most cases) as this will potentially reveal who the respondent is.

In many codes of ethics and in a growing number of laws, the intention/expectation of the person making a post is important in determining what can be done with that post. In terms of privacy there are two issues. The first is that if a researcher has to join a network to see the post, then the person making the post is doing so in the expectation that they are talking to genuine members of the community, not to professional researchers or journalists. The second that is when somebody makes, say, 200 posts in their status bar over the course of a year, they did not have the expectation that all their quotes would be brought back together as a single corpus for investigation.

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Its very interesting to know about that survey for mothers.You have given good points for marketers and I completely agree with your points as Facebook is popular now..Thank you very much for such nice post.

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I've enjoyed reading the reactions to Bob's comment's about Obama's connection to deliberative politics and his references to the "common good." A recent New Yorker piece takes a similar position and contrasts Obama's "deliberative" style with Clinton's penchant for partisanship: See George Packer's "The Choice" in THE NEW YORKER (Jan 28, 08).

In these discussions about Obama, Democrats, and the common good, it is important to remember that
Michael Tomasky got the Democrats back on to the language of the "common good" with his article, "Party in Search of a Notion," from THE AMERICAN PROSPECT (April 2006).

This talk of the common good, from Tomasky's perspective may be completely in line with partisan politics and need not be identified with deliberation. See Tomasky's review of Krugman's new book, "The Partisan," in the NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS (54:18 Nov 22, 07).


I'm a young mom. Now i know i'm not just the only one. This site can help boost my self esteem. I found the right place to to be with. Tnx!


Oh I so agree- I love being a “mommy blogger”. I love writing about my boy and how things that happen in our lives affect our relationship and the lives of people around us. I also discuss personal entries with Damien before I post them.


Great post, Jenn. I am so proud to be a member of the Mommy Blogging community with you.

Ms. Mama

Wow, so true... A mommy is a mommy no matter what part of her life you are looking at. The fact that she has children shapes her actions, decisions and everything around her. There is nothing in the term "mommy blogger" to be ashamed of, infact it should be worn just as proud as the title mommy is. I also agree that most of us young moms would love to be able to get into the heads of our mothers at that point in their lives.

I hope your mother recovers well and is soon released from hospital.


I'm sorry to hear that your mom is in the ICU. I'll say a prayer for her this evening. Hope all will be well.

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