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August 17, 2005


Robin P

I think your parents are hysterical!!! What a great imagination and sense of humor they have. Maybe they don't know what is in each box but it seems to be just what you need at the right time. How interesting!! I will have to remember this trick for when Lillianna is older and on her own. I will do the same thing to her.

Actually,Lillianna has bought some Ramona books but the name Beezus is so weird I almost can't listen to them....lol. Is it short for something? Beatrice maybe? I was not a Ramona reader as a kid so I am clueless.


Oh I love Ramona! As hookey as it sounds, I like those books for their simple messages that help my kids get along in life.


I was an avid reader when I was young, like you were. I'm so excited to share all of the books I read with Ella as she gets older - the Ramona books, Madeleine L'Engle, C.S. Lewis, L.M. Montgomery. Those books were such a huge part of my childhood - I'm looking forward to reliiving them all over again! How awesome that you have already started doing that with your son!


I absolutely LOVED the Ramona books when I was younger, I guess about age 7 or 8. I wonder if I could dig a copy up somewhere. If/when I have kids, I'd love to have those books around.


I recently bought some of the Ramona books for my 7 year-old daughter and they were a huge hit. It is so much fun when we can find something from our childhood that our kids love too.


What an awesome post! I love the Ramona series and many of Cleary's other books. It is amazing to me how her style of writing became so much more advanced and sophisticated as her characters (and thus, readers) grew older. She really was a visionary. I am returning to teaching this fall, and one of the things I'm most excited about is getting to introduce a new class of second graders to Ramona. There are at least two picture books by Cleary that I'll bet Nolan would love. One of them is called The Big Hole. I can't remember the other. Look for them at the library if you haven't already! Happy reading!


Charlene, that is so cool. We have been reading the Ramona books to Tacy at bedtime (already finished Ramona and Her Mother, almost finished with Ramona and Her Father), and she loves them. After we kiss her goodnight, we leave her with the book and she "reads" to herself for another 15 minutes or so. Like Nolan, she has a new little sister and has been adapting to her new role.

How I wish such treasures would magically appear in my garage. I've been carting around my childhood books ever since I moved out of my parents' house, simply because I knew someone else would love them again someday.

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