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August 03, 2005


Scott Girish

If anyone is to place a comment to this article it should be me. Hi Charlene, It's Scott (A.K.A. Rob Lowe). You know I still get the Rob Lowe thing today as much as I did then. If you have any doubt that this is actually me, I will try to prove it. First of all, I hated our Aqua colors at St. Finn Barr, St. Finn Barr is on Hearst St., you lived on Flood St. The grocery you mentioned had to be the Safeway on Monterey Blvd., your mom drove a red 65ish Mustang with FPRINCE licence plates. OK, I think I proved my point. Well, I have to admit I was floored by your article. It was very flattering to read that I am a sweet memory from your childhood.I remembered everything you mentioned like it was yesterday. It's nice to hear you are doing well.

Scott Michael Girish


uh....please use Yahoo Search the next time you go searching for your old boyfriends. Thx.


What a great memory! What reminds me of my first puppy love, is my elementary school (now my children's school). Walking those halls take me right back...

Those are pretty sweet memories. Thanks for reminding me!!

enoch choi

how cute!


Your first love was a cutie! I think I might have to do some Googling myself. :-)

Being the mother of a girl, I'm not too anxious for her to start dating. I know how I was back then!

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