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August 30, 2005


Robin P

I hate board games!!!!!!!!!!
When Lillianna asks me to play I usually say,"No,thanks.That's why you have a father!" Luckily Rich enjoys playing, otherwise my life would be hell!!

I never thought of cheating. Thanks for the tip!!


What's wrong with "cheating" the way you do it?! Think of it as a confidence builder for your kids. Just start to worry if you overhear them say, "man, we really put the screws to her, she's so dumb". That's when you need to let them know that you REALLY know how to play. :)


I'm with Anna Quindlen, I had several kids so I wouldn't have to play board games. And so far it's working. hehe


I hate boardgames too! I hated them as a little kid too and felt just like that when my friends wanted me to play... they peer pressured me into it! I don't know what I'm going to do when I have kids... maybe I just won't buy them any games... hm...


Aw, Chris! I LOVE Monopoly! My bro and I used to play 4-hour-long games.

And my mom was just the opposite of you - she played HARD and wouldn't let us win if she could help it. The result? We're ruthless board game players.

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