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August 15, 2005



you suck


Don't worry. She'll probably be one of the those girls who stays up all night, putting the other girls' bras in the freezer, decorating the toilet seat with toothpaste, and sneaking out to toilet paper boys' houses.

That didn't make you feel better? Well, personally I was one of those who could never fall asleep because everyone else was breathing so noisily. So I was the loser. Your daughter will undoubted be the cool one.


My daughter used to drool and snore (even when she slept almost upright). When she was four, we had her tonsils and adnoides removed and ....no more snoring! Good luck.


Have you talked to the doc about this? I have snored all my life and it's a combo of my allergies, weight, and I'm sure a touch of sleep apnea. I've never had my snoring examined, but if you really think that it's going to hurt Ibelle, then talk to the doc. Who knows, maybe when she gets bigger all she needs is a mouth piece. Which a former dentist has talked to me about. Good luck!

ps: Ella drools like crazy! At least they can have sleepovers together.

Robin P

You could always teach her to say,"Ok,girls,here's the fun part. Let's go to sleep and the one who wakes up with the most drool on her pillow,wins!!"
Make it cool to drool!

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