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August 28, 2005



Wow, yup. I'm crying.

My dad has Alzheimer's so our conversations are much more confusing and repetitive...but I know that eventually, he wont' be able to even manage small conversations with me, much less know who I am.

Thank you for sharing this. It has prompted me to think about writing aboout my father.

Robin P

You made me cry. What a beautiful post. I hope you made a copy for your dad.

My mom always said that I dragged my stories out when I was a kid and now Lillianna does the same thing. Mom hates that but I try to listen to every detail of Lillianna's stories so that she doesn't feel like I used to: like I was wasting my mother's time. Mom is a wonderful mother but she doesn't have the patience to listen. I am trying hard not to make that mistake. If I don't listen to Lillianna NOW,then she won't come talk to me LATER.

You are lucky to have a dad who really listens to you.


Thanks for reminding me to listen, too.


Oh wow . . . you are very lucky. I did not have that situation with my mother or my father. However, I think that my daughter may have a real listener in her father. Isn't it wonderful to be heard? So grounding, so affirming. Thanks for writing this.


Oh, it's late at night and you've given me something lovely to think about as I fall asleep. I very much want to be to my kids what your Dad has been and is to you.


Truly a lovely essay!
Would your dad be interested in adopting, er - a 40 something daughter? ;-)


What a wonderful essay. Thank you for reminding all of us about the power of listening. It's a real act of love and generosity.

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