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August 11, 2005



LOL, at least your's has an interest. My oldest asked a few matter of fact questions and then I think the testosterone took over and that was the end of it.

Smart boy you've got there though if he knows that cranky mama= RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! ;)


Great story. Starting the boy early on the whole "You on your period?" thing. :)


This entry made me laugh out loud. Very well done. Makes me wonder, with a combination of fear and angst, how my first conversation of this type will go with my three kiddos.

Robin P

Great post. Silly me,I never imagined moms had to tell their sons about this too. I figured they got to learn "boy stuff!"
I recently posted about the same topic when Lillianna asked,"Mom,what is the youngest age a girl can be to have a baby?" Thank you Montel and Dr.Phil for your teen mom shows that Lillianna watches with me! That was a topic I didn't think I would have to talk about for a couple of years.

I have to admit I am glad we did talk about this. Now when I am tired,cranky or crampy,I just tell Lillianna the truth,that I have my period and she nods and says,"Oh,I understand,Mom." Then she hugs me. It's kind of cool!!


i may save your explanation in case i have to use it someday. it's perfect and his response about his teachers is hysterical! thanks for the great read.


Too funny! Welcome back, Angela


Thank you for this post. I am dreading the time when I'll have to explain this to my now 7 year old son. I will pray he reacts as level headed and comically as your son did! LOL.


Hahaha classic. I'm sure his teachers will love it next time they get snippy and he says, "That's okay, I understand it's your woman thing." Hahah.


I like that he was so curious and attentive, and you were factual and honest.


Lady, you'd best hope he doesn't pipe up in class with that one.

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