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August 31, 2005



Our guy is 18 months old now and we've done a few road trips with him. The first, he was 3 months old, and we drove from Gloucester to Durham (UK) and back. About 6 hours each way, an easy start. The second road trip was from Springfield, IL to Chattanooga, TN when he was 10 months old. About 10 hours each way. We did one leg at night and nearly died of fatigue (we are morning people), so drove back during the day and he did well. The most recent road trip was from Springfield to Toronto. A LONG way at 17 months old, but he did wonderfully, like you said, as long as we paid lots of attention, played his music, read books, and generally made the ride enjoyable, he managed well with some good long rest breaks. As for the eating healthy thing, well, at least he did well in the car!

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