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August 23, 2005


Bianca Jackson

My, my, she's teething fast. Let's all hope that her teeth will grow strong when the permanent ones kick in. Anyway, that chamomile tea thing's interesting. Never thought that it would work against conjunctivitis.

Leslie Hedge

Dear Susana,
I just discovered your site today and I absolutely love it! I'm very excited to put a link to it on my site- I know so many people who are going to want to know about it.
I wanted you to know that I too discovered bernstein just last summer while travelling around Germany and I couldnt' believe I hadn't known about it's amazing abilities to calm a baby and to help with teething pain. I'm really into natural remedies and holistic medicine and when I first got my hands on a bernstein necklace, I immediately fell in love with it. So much so, that I started a company selling the necklaces and informing parents of other cool products/ideas/solutions, etc... you can visit my site at www.babybernstein.com. I love the necklaces not only because of how they've helped my son and others, but also because they are so BEAUTIFUL. So natural, soft, unique... Thanks for talking about them. If it inspired one mom to treat their child's aches and pains without drugs, you've done a great thing!

Your new biggest fan,
Leslie (& son Dax)


Considering how dependant I am on the medical community for medication, I am constantly on the lookout for anything natural I can find. I already have to put enough junk into my body, I'd like a break sometimes. So reading things like this and knowing that there are still places that realize how wondeful natural medicine is just warms my heart. Thank you for writing this.

Oh and to the one who commented on the breastmilk in the eye- yes it is AWESOME for pink eye! ;)


For seasonal allergies to pollen and the like, make a habit of eating a tablespoon or two of locally-produced honey every day. I suppose the allergens relevant to one's area are presented in the honey in slightly different form, producing immunity (or something along those lines). I'm just sure of a few goodbyes: bye-bye allergy shots, antihistamines, springtime inhalers....


My son had stomachaches (colic, more or less) when he was younger. A friend of mine suggested putting a tiny amount of peppermint in a bottle of warm water. It worked wonderfully and I've never used those nasty 'gas drops' again.


One day my Thai mother-in-law pulled out a packet of fresh clove leaves and started rubbing them on my son's eyebrows. Apparently his lack of eyebrows at the age of 3 months was a concern. And wouldn't you know it, within a week or so they thickened up!

Another one I learned from my cleaning lady was to squeeze breastmilk into the baby's infected eye. Not sure how effective that was, as I was also using prescribed eyedrops at the time...

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