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August 13, 2005



Wow Kimberly - cheers to you and your girls! My aunt is also a single mom by choice, and her daughter (my cousin) starts her senior year of high school next week. I have always admired my aunt for how she has raised my cousin, but it was only once I became a mother myself that I understood just how hard of a job it was. I'm now in awe of what she has done, and I feel the same about other single mothers such as you.

Again, wonderful post and best wishes to you and your girls.



I have never read a more beautiful tribute to motherhood! You have captured the true heart of what being a mother (single or partnered) is all about. I wish you and your girls a lifetime of happiness. My own mother was a single parent and my sister and I have never been closer to anyway else.


I'm going to print that off for my mom -- I know she'll appreciate how well you've articulated her experience.


You just wrote what I would never be able to properly articulate.
Bravo to you! I'm printing this off and posting it on my bulletin board.

A fellow mom, *going it alone*.


There's a little tear in my eye as I write. Thanks so much for sharing your story Kimberly.(we love 11pm ice-cream socials too)


As a Partnered Parent I really identified with "It's not about having someone else to pick up the slack around the house -- although I'm sure that when you are used to that support and it is withdrawn, it must seem doubly hard." I have always said that I would make a terrible single mom, so thanks to Kim for helping me to understand.


Wonderful article... congratulations!


Kimberly it is absolutely wonderful


OK, I am crying too. sob. sob.


Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I'm crying. Thank you

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