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September 10, 2005



I just wanted to let future readers know that Kent passed away on September 23, 2005 while holding his adoring wife's hand. Melony says that there were some 700 people at Kent's funeral and after the video epitaph/log of his life was finished playing people actually stood up and clapped. It just goes to show how amazing he truly was. Melony's love for Kent still shines through everytime she posts something. For someone like me who didn't believe in soulmates and neverending love it is truly something that touches your very soul. I can't imagine NOT believing in those things after being graced with the "presence" of these two people.

Rest in peace, Superman and thank you again for giving me a hero once again.

Lee Ann (lassie)

I think of Melony often as I look at her artwork displayed in my daughters' bathroom. She is very much like the artwork she creates; bright, joyful, and fun. Melony, you are a true woman of faith and your love for Christ shines through your words. You and Kent are surely angels without wings. Know that you are in our prayers.


Thank you, Jo, for writing this touching testament to Melony and Kent. They have touched so many lives in such a powerful way. Just by being the pure loving beings they are. We are all better for having the blessing of knowing them.

Diana Magenheimer

Melony has always been an inspiration to me also. She is one amazing woman. I liken her to Jaqueline Kennedy. She is handling her plight with such grace and dignity. I only hope that I could be as honorable as Melony some day. How lucky Kent and Melony are to have such an amazing love!!!


I do not know Melony or Kent personally, however just from reading this posting I can tell they are remarkable people who have touched the lives of many others. It is so go to see you honoring them with your beautiful writing.

Michelle S. (chelle)

Words fail me right now. I agree that everyday heroes are the best ones, and Kent and Melony are just that. Every time I read a post from Melony I am reminded of their strength and love for each other.

Thank you for writing such a moving tribute Jo!

Cheryl and Allan

Jo - Beautiful post. I also have "known" Melony and Kent online since 1999. They have been an insipriation - from handling the small everyday mishaps with humour to even facing adversity with faith and grace. You are both in our thoughts and prayers.

Rondi (pinkmommy)

Thank you for putting into words a wonderful summary of my thoughts. Melony and Kent have touched my life more than they will ever know. On days that I feel down and go into the "pity party" mode, I am reminded of this family's spirit. I am reminded that there is much more to our lives than what this world has to offer. None of us know exactly how long we have left on this earth. It could be one more minute. It could be one more week, month, year, decade. Kent and Melony are embracing their time together here -- in preparation for eternity. They inspire me so much!


Aww-Jo...as always, a tearjerker.


Thank you all for posting your comments here. Melony and Kent have seen it and thankfully they liked it. I just wanted to let them know how inspiring they are and how much they touch others. I don't think they actually realize just what they do which of course makes them heroes all over again doesn't it? ;)


Melony, you and Kent are such a blessing. Your faith and your love shines so brightly.


Melody is a shining example of Jesus with skin on. I admire her love and devotion and most of all her faith. Our prayers are with both Melody and Kent.


Melony and Kent are a wondeful example of true faith and everlasting love. Thank you, Melony, for sharing with us. And thank you, Jo, for sharing with the world. My love and prayers are with you all!

Melinda (mamajones)

What an inspiring story! Thank you Jo for showing us some Real Heroes. Much love and strength are being sent Melony and Kent's way!


Melony is an inspiration to me. Through all the trils that she and her family endure, she has held fast to her faith. She is raising a beautiful family. And she wasn't content to just raise her birth children. two more grew in her heart and were added to her family through adoption. I cannot think of a stronger example of what a true Christian is.


Jo, that is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful family. Melony continues to bless me with her faith and love and I thank her for sharing her life with Ken with us. What a team they are:)


What is a hero? A person admired for qualities and achievements. And both Melony and Kent have those in spades. Melony, may your light never fade, and may you have the eternal staff to lean on. Kent, may your good will and sense of humor bring joy to everyone who comes in touch with you. You will both be remembered.


Melony once sent me some of her art work which was personalized with my favorite Bible verse- Phillipians 4:8. That verse basically says to keep your mind focused on things that are true, lovely, good...etc. Melony and Kent, you are all of these things and because of that, I think of you often, and whenever you cross my mind I say a prayer that God will bless you in such tremendous ways- I know you have blessed the lives of countless numbers of people.


What a beautiful story. It's people like this that have their everyday life shaken up but keep on going that are real heros.

Amber (sveasmommy)

Thank you Jo for sharing your heart. I think about Melody and Kent so very often and my heart lifts them up to God. I pray that I will have the love, care, and hope that they do.

Jodi Pilcher (Korwynne)

Melony and Kent are a continual source of inspiration to me as well - there have been so many times when I have read Melony's posts and been in awe of the grace with which they're handling everything and the peace that seems to radiate from them.


Jo, your words have moved me to tears. I admire Melony and Kent for so many reasons. Alot can be learned from both. Melony and Kent, thanks for being you and so passionate about life and family. You are both in my thoughts and prayers always.


JO, I have to agree with you. I've "known" Melony since 1999 and have watched this family's struggle with cancer. She is an amazing woman and Kent is an amazing man. I have told her before that her strength and faith in the face of adversity is very inspiring to me and reminds me that God is ever faithful.

Robin P

Beautiful post.
I think the every day heroes are the best ones. There is so much to learn from them
I find that the patients who come into the ophthalmology practice where I work,who have a list of medical problems,are the ones who say they are doing just great. Usually they have severe eye problems too and can barely see but they are all smiles.

The healthy patients have the most complaints. When they read the 20/20 line on the eye chart,which is great vision,they say,"So,do I need a seeing eye dog?" I don't even find that remotely funny.

I love the country song,"Live like you were dying." It's so true. If we only treasured each day as if it were our last,we would be more grateful for what we have and we would enjoy life more.

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