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September 30, 2005


Robin P

I do this when we order lo mein from the Chinese restaurant. Lillianna announces she is done and off she goes. I begin eating her leftovers. When she comes back in the dining room she yells,"MOM!!" I stop,mid-chew,with a pea pod dangling from my mouth and innocently ask,"What?" Oh come on! I KNOW what!! Of course she claims she wasn't done eating. Does the finders keepers rule apply here? I found the lo mein,so you know.....I ate it!!!

FYI I gag at the thought of eating boxed mac and cheese. Sorry!! Rich insisted it tasted better with ground beef in it. I tried it once. Thought I would gag for the rest of my life!!

Great post!

amy h

I cringe at hearing those six little words (always spoken with guilt-inducing anguish), "Hey, what happened to my lunch?!"

Very funny post!


Ha ha!

As long as she hasn't spit any chewed up food back on the plate (she's 2), I always eat my daughter's leftovers too. Since I rarely give her anything I wouldn't eat myself, it happens more often than I care to admit.


You know, I started doing the same thing with Kellan's leftovers. Until I read an article about just how many calories you actually consume through "picking" at your children't leftovers, "snacking" as you prepare their meals, and "licking a spoon" in the process. It was enough to reform me!

Yet, Kellan had mac and cheese for lunch earlier this week and guess who polished off his leftovers? But I counted it as my own lunch, I swear!


Kraft mac and cheese is still my favorite.
I love to eat it hot right from the pot.
I dish out the kids and nibble as I go.
I have done more than my share of cleaning up their plates and know all to well that overly stuffed mac and cheese feeling.
It is a weakness.
What can I say.

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