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September 01, 2005


Robin P

I can't offer you any words of comfort because I don't think I could do what you are doing. I can barely get through my weekend work schedule. In fact,I cut down 2 hours off of my Saturday schedule so that I can see Lillianna awake at 8pm instead of getting home at 10pm and seeing her sound asleep.

I think you are very brave to even think about the 7 day schedule. It's probably best for Isabelle to have 7 days in a row with each parent. She needs the consistency.

I am sure you will find a way to pursue other activities during the time she is gone. The adjustment may be difficult at first but I am sure you will make it work.
Good luck!


Christina speaks wisely - and I can only add this little bit.

It does get easier. Promise.


Dear Amy,
This must be incredibly hard for you, and I just want you to know that you and Isabelle are in my thoughts and prayers. This situation could never be without hardship in any way, shape or form; never deny this to yourself, as I would imagine that you would be feeling a fair amount of grief. I hope you receive the support and love you deserve. You come across as being a wonderful Mum, and it is beautiful reading about the passion you have for your daughter and the way your relationship has developed. All the best, Naomi



I will keep you and your daughter in my thoughts. I am so sorry that you feel so alone, I too would find it difficult to be away from my daughter for so many days. And I am sure she misses you terribly when she is with her dad.
I don't know your situation but could arrangements be made to lessen the days until everyone feels more comfortable with the long 7 day cycle??

Keep your head up...


Amy -

I understand completely. Although my arrangement is not the same as yours, I understand the feeling of aloneness when you're away from your daughter. It IS difficult, but you will find ways to work through it. It will take time, but it will get a little easier.

I miss my children desperately when they're with their dad, but I find myself looking forward to that free time as well.

I understand all too well, but take my word for it. Waiting for that time to pass and the healing to start and the "single" time to feel comfortable takes a while, but it will come. I promise.


Seven days is a long stretch for you and maybe for her too. Maybe things will morph to a shorter cycle?

I'm sorry you feel alone, I know that feeling and it sucks. You have friends here though.

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