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September 12, 2005



There is a choice that could make you feel better about the environment and no creepy characters - Seventh Generation makes disposable diapers. They don't use chlorine to bleach the materials - so they are a uniform "natural" color, with no characters. And I think they work as well as Pampers!


What's worked for us is CDing part-time - Madeline is normally in cloth except overnight and for long errands. We normally have Mickey or Donald cavorting across her paper diapers, but at the moment we're giving the Costco brand ones a spin. Each and everyone of them has the same non-commercial character on them.


Thanks for the super-giggle! Wonder woman? I wanted a pooh bear shirt when I was six. I still have it! :)


Well, we did use a diaper service originally. If we had our own supply of cloth diapers, we'd be pulling them out again. Next time, if there is a next time, we will get cloth diapers and wash them ourselves.

Thanks for all the comments. I like the idea of reassuring sayings--diaper fortune cookies!


Too funny! You reminded me that when my son was a newborn, my husband said that the diaper companies need to forget about the cute characters and instead print encouraging sayings for the new parents, like "You'll get through this" and "This too shall pass." :)


I was curious as to why you quit cloth...we do mostly cloth but elmo does cavort at our house at night and when we go out. We used only disposables with our son and, like you, felt sick about the mounds of them piling up in the local landfill. I will admit though that when I have bought a new package of disposables I tend to use them a lot more than just at bed time...rinsing out poop in the toilet is not the highlight of my day. ;-)


What a great post! I've never heard anyone else put voice to this feeling that I'm pimping my kid for Tommy Hilfiger or Disney everytime I buy him something with a label or a cartoon character all over the front of it -- including diapers. (I guess it started with Calvin Klein.) I try to buy brand name-free clothes for him, but it's almost impossible to do. And Desperate Housewives Maxi Pads -- too funny! Eva Longoria already makes me feel inferior the other three weeks of the month without having to see that face smiling back at me on the box of pads that time of the month!!


I got a kick out of this. Thanks for the laugh!

Robin P

Now that you mention it,I would love some pictures on maxi-pads...maybe a crazed woman with a migraine,having hot flashes and eating a pizza with a side dish of chocolate. That would work for me!!

I made the characters on diapers work for us. I would tell Lillianna that they wanted her to pee in the potty. Sometimes it worked.
We had cloth diapers for my sister and I have to say,I didn't love it. I was 12 years old. Throwing the poop in the toilet and rinsing the diaper didn't thrill me. Sorry.

Jeremiah Lee

"She is, after all, two, going on picky, picky." - What a great line.

Why not go back to cloth? We've gone back and forth, but stuck mainly with cloth, and haven't had any difficulty.

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