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September 02, 2005



I must be doing something wrong. My 10 and 8 year old girls, left unchecked, will hit, punch, kick, scatch, pull hair etc... and then my 5 year old son is very gentle.


I too, was raised with a sister and rarely had boys around. My first born? A boy. My two step-children? Boys. HUGE difference in every way. However, as we're planning on having more children, if I ended up giving birth to ALL boys, it would be okay. I'll just play Barbies in secret....


Sisters have their own special brand of torture. You're right--with three sisters in my house, we didn't wrestle or spit. But we did tie our youngest sister to the downstairs bannister and said 'we're going to play hide and seek. When you figure out how to get out of that thing, you come find us.' The guilt haunts me to this day.

Oh, and once I threw the top of a phone at my sister in a rage and it bruised her ankle terribly. I don't think I'm that sorry for that one. I'm sure she was showing me her list of chores all checked off while I hadn't even started mine. Smug little bastard.

El--thanks for the mention! :)


My sister told me that I was actually born in a coconut. The story went that my parents were walking down the beach and found an ugly little thing in the sand just outside a coconut. They felt bad for the "thing" so they brought it home. Nice, huh?


I'm not sure if the differences are really based on innate boy/girl differences or they way we treat boys and girls differently. Either way, it's also interesting to see the differences between girls who don't have brothers and those who do. I know a few girls (including me, when I was a child) who could rough house it with the best of them. I wish I'd known about the spit sucking torture. Sounds more interesting than enticing my brother to eat mud. :-)


Oh, I am way familiar with the Spit Sucking Torture. My brother would add a little flair and pretend to be cranking it in and out of his mouth.


My brother was brutal...to the point of being sadistic. He would pin me to the ground and drool in my face and I couldn't scream because his drool would get in my mouth.

Yeah. Beat that.

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