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September 05, 2005


Robin P

It's really funny but when you look at the lives of the people who give you advice,you realize that they are in no position to be doing such a thing. Their lives are usually a disaster.

One of my favorite lines in a song is ".....he can't even run his own life. I'll be damned if he'll run mine." That is so true!!

I'm not a perfect mom....who is? but I love my daughter and if I make mistakes and I blog about it,who cares? Sometimes life is just funny. There is always room for laughter.

All you can do is nod and smile when people give you unsolicited advice. Either that or walk away. I prefer that method myself.

Jason Berggren

I'm sure you love your children very much and are a wonderful parent. I've found that there are usually 9 negative comments to every postive one. They are out there but miserly loves company. I've discovered that negative people are more likely to share their opinions for some reason. Keep up the good work!


I can really relate... I mean, to the point of me wanting to bitch-slap ANYONE who even blinked an eye in the direction of the kiddo and myself.

It was especially bad when I chose a different parenting style all than my mom (and my husband's mom)--ack!

Now that the kiddo is a little older, it has gotten somewhat better. But still-- some thing said in jest and otherwise still hurt and made my doubt my natural parenting instincts.


Meredith, I share your pain! I have a large extended family and everyone wants a say in parenting my baby. On the other hand, my sister-in-law just had a baby and I catch myself giving unsolicited advice. Then I apologise with a sheepish grin and make sure I give them or the baby a compliment later because while everyone is quick to give advice on what you shouldn't be doing, very few give praise when what you're doing works.

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