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September 08, 2005



I am going for a weekend away for the first time with girlfriends to North Carolina . I have never left my children. The only time I have stayed a night without one of them is when I was having a baby in the hospital. :) They are 2 and 5. I have a lot of guilt and worry. I know that sounds neurotic. My friends say those feelings will go away 5 minutes down the road. Have fun in NY!!


You MUST go to Canal Street and shop for all the great knock-off purses and stuff. Its GREAT! And our favorite place of all in NYC is called "Shade" - its a teeny tiny little wine bar and crepe shop. On Sullivan street in the Village near Washington Square Park and NYU. Have so much fun! I love NYC and can't wait to head back childless at some point.


i'm so jealous!

you should try to get tickets to see rosie o'donnell in fiddler on the roof. definitely see a broadway show!

find out if there are any cool special exhibits at the art museums.

take a walk in central park.

eat great food.

have fun!!!!!


I lived in the West Village for the past five years (although I now live in Studio City, CA). I have a truly NYC experience you gals should try...

My suggestion to you and your gals is to have take-out shushi in Bryant Park during lunch. Bryant Park is located on 40th Street between 6th & 5th Ave, (But it's closer to 6th Ave) First stop @ a take-out sushi place on 39th near 6th Ave, then head north one block and sit at one of the many tables, or sit on the spralling lawn. There's no better place to feel a part of the city, and actually feel like you're an insider. If you prefer a sit down resturant, past the french Carousel in Bryant Park (which is only $1.50 per ride), you can have a sunptuous lunch at the Bryant Park Grill (@40th Street close to 6th Ave). It's a tad pricey, but well worth it!

And here's a getting around town tip:
Even street numbers head east, odd head west. Even avenue numbers head north (mostsly), while odd avenue numbers head south.

Have a fab time!


My favorite thing to do in NYC is to see Broadway shows (mostly musicals.) There is a discount ticket place in Times Square where you can usually get tickets half off. Seeing a show on Broadway is amazing--every single person has an incredible voice--it takes my breath away. My kids were both involved in theater, so I've seen lots of plays and musicals. Broadway shows are the best!


What a great idea to get away with your friends! There are a bizillion things to do in NYC, museums, theatre, restaurants, etc, so you won't be bored! Personally, I would #1)Sleep in, #2) Not go to restaurants with kids menus. Pamper yourself! Have a great time.

Thomas McCroskey

My advice: don't try to hard. You'll get disappointed. Remember that you are going with your friends, that there is no way that you will have anything other than a good time, and just try to do things that won't seem like work, or an effort. Sleep in, do the museum or the show when you're ready. Take in a play in the park, but don't forget the wine. Relax. Have fun!

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