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September 04, 2005



Jennifer -

In my enthusiasm, I forgot to say what a lovely post.

I saw some actress on TV who echoed some of your sentiments. She said that all of the news was focusing on what was bad - and yet, so much good was happening. Neighborhoods helping each other. One group of adults watching the kids so that the others can go wait on line for water, or food. People sharing what little they had - food, diapers, insulin. Church groups setting up their own shelter, feeding people from their own kitchens. It was nice to hear that from you and her.

I'm glad you and yours are safe.


Since most of us are mothers, I'm sure the first thought that crosses many of our minds is about the children. Local libraries have lost everything. There are lots of places taking donations for children - specifically school supplies. Also, many areas that are taking in families (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas) will see their school populations increase dramatically. Here's a few websites trying to help out the children -







Our school parent teacher organization is also working to "adopt" a school in one of the affected areas, or even in Texas where so many of the displaced are being sent. We've already started collecting school supplies, books, and toys to send to those.

Donating money is of course, needed and appreciated. There is much to be given and, perhaps taken from this tragedy. Maybe everyone can take a few minutes, really appreciate all they have, help teach our children empathy, and remind ourselves and our families of the most important things in life.


I live in Baton Rouge, too. Family and friends have flocked here seeking shelter during the storm. Now most are saying "I can't go back."

You wrote a beautiful post. Thank you.

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